Crowdsourcing is a concept of outsourcing a task to a group of people with specific specializations to come up with effective solutions through an open call. This concept gathers those skilful people, who are most fit to perform the given tasks, contribute with the most relevant ideas and solve complex problems. For an instance, a client is in need of a conceptual design logo together with the overall professional design of his website. Through the concept of crowdsourcing, he will find a “place” where he can look into specific individuals to an undefined large group of people or community that will perform his given task. Same with these lists of constructive websites that offer Crowdsourcing Design Contests will basically help those people who are not knowledgeable in the concept of designing such as logo, web design, graphic design, etc.

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How this Design Contest Works?

Almost all of these sites have the same rules and regulations applied. The client will tell the world what he needs and the world will respond and will submit their creative ideas. Just wait for the talented designers that will submit dozens of astonishing ideas and “Choose your Favourite”. Only the chosen work of the designer or the winner will received the reward or the money that is set by the Contest Holder.

For Clients,

The client who seeks for a good design will become the contest holder and responsible for posting the requirements of the project such as description of what kind of logo, web, graphic or template he needs together with the deadline. The client or the contest holder will also decide on the amount of money that is to be awarded. He/she will pick from different categories: logos, stationery, web design, business cards, brochures, company names and more.

For Designers,

Before participating in the contest and going to the process of designing, be sure to read first the open brief given by the Contest holder. It will give you a glimpse of what design or concept he needs. You cannot design without any idea on what you will create unless the client doesn’t set any requirements. (But it’ very rare). Always listening to what the client wants will bring you to the top. Do not pay attention to the prize money as it won’t let you focus on your design and probably will destruct your creative thinking. Just focus to the client’s design description and feedback to your work. It’s also a good idea to submit different designs to get a feel of which ones the client really likes and revise the best ones to his liking. Other than that, be creative, persistent, and your hard work may pay off.


Just bear in your mind that these crowdsourcing models are a contest and the competition is usually fierce, especially for the top-dollar projects. Everyone can join even if you do not have any professional experience as long as you know your way around Photoshop or another graphics editing program in order to produce appealing and competitive designs to the clients. Only one winner will be chosen but it’s up to the contest holder to pick another one. Also, some clients do offer a base payment for just participating in the contest. This guarantees designers at least some money for their work even if they don’t win. However, participation payments are usually very limited and are not even offered at all.

Webites with Crowdsourcing Design Contests To Make Money Online

Whether you are a freelance designer or not as long as you have the guts and skills to compete with other talented designers to earn money online. Designing logo,graphic and web design for money is really a golden way for all designers want to make extra cash online. There are many sites including this 10 Useful Sites with Crowdsourcing Design Contests on the internet pay for your design. These crowdsourcing sites usually work as freelance sites. Meaning there are needed companies or parties will put down their requirements that you need to follow them. And that also means you will meet the competitions of the other designers when trying to get a project. Today’s helpful post will show you 10 Useful Sites with Crowdsourcing Design Contests To Make Money Online.

1. 99Designs


2. Crowd Spring

Crowd Spring

3. Design Crowd

Design Crowd

4. Design Contest

Design Contest

5. 48Hours Logo

48Hours Logo

6. Hatchwise


7. Mycroburst


8. How Design

How Design

9. Logo Bids


10. Shop For Design

Shop For Design

One Final Thought

So, what do you think about these crowdsourcing sites? These are the lists that we have so far. If you have something to share or if we forgot some useful sites, do not hesitate to write your comments below.

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